Wisdom Retreats

World Wheel Retreat:
Cultivating Innate Wisdom
with Vijali Hamilton

World Wheel Center for Wisdom, Art and Life
(near Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Spring and Fall

Vijali offers individual retreats at the World Wheel Retreat.  These experiences flow into ceremony, music, sculpting, and art with the creativity that springs from intimate contact with Earth. Take time to cultivate our innate wisdom and beauty, and bring back the fruits of our retreat to our families, communities, and world.

$150 a day, $500 for five days with organic meals provided.
Special rate for local residents.

Your 3 to 5 day retreat will be personally structured to meet you where you are and guide you into the fulfillment of your deepest dreams. Vijali tailors all activities to suit your level of comfort in the wilderness. An art background is not required. Upon your return home you will carry the tools necessary for integrating your extra-ordinary experience and living your dream in your daily life.

Vijali Hamilton spent 10 years as nun in the Vedanta Society, a branch of Hinduism. She studied Dzogchen from Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, native wisdom from Shamans around the world, and spent 40 years as a teacher in spiritual enquiry, basing her guidance on her personal journey of unfolding wisdom.

Bring your special food requirements (Vijali will provide the rest), a towel, hiking shoes, flashlight, sunscreen and hat, swim-suit, journal and if you wish to sleep under the brilliant stars, a sleeping bag.

Call Vijali at 202 492 4899
Email: vijali@worldwheel.org
Webstie: www.worldwheel.org

Send a deposit of one half the amount to:
Vijali Hamilton
662 Alta Vista St. Apt. D-18
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Gathering at Wisdom Retreat with performers Indigie Femme
Gathering at previous Wisdom Retreat with performers Indigie Femme


Top Banner:

Photo by Eric Lawton — Vijali as Gaia in Malibu, California

Photo by Paul Hamilton —  The Seed Space in Santa Monica Mountains, California

All photos by Vijali Hamilton (except)

Photo by Robert Goldstein — World Wheel, Castle Valley Retreat – Vijali rejoicing

Photo by Mary Curry — Gathering at Wisdom Retreat with performers Indigie Femme