Artemis Sacred Journeys to Tinos and Delos
Islands in Greece — June 7th to 15th, 2018

I can hardly wait to put my feet in the sea and hands on the stones again on Tinos island. I want to repaint the Phidousa Serpent sculpture (see photos above) with others in this retreat given by my dear friends, Mary Rockwood Lane and Lisa Rasmussen, as a prayer and ceremony to reawaken the Shakti Serpent power of wisdom, not only within each one of us, but in the world at this time of forgetfulness.

I am so moved by the beautiful retreat Mary and Lisa are giving on Tinos and Delos and am honored that they have invited me to be a part of this sacred time, June 7th to 15th, 2018. To register click here.

Last night I reread the Greece chapter in my book¬†World Wheel, One Woman’s Quest for Peace,¬†and shed tears with the thought of returning. Tinos’ sacred earth so readily awakened the spirit of the Goddess in me so many years ago, and empowered me to continue my World Wheel Pilgrimage that I start in 1986. The World Wheel is an ongoing¬†artistic forum for global understanding consisting of environmental stone sculptures and performance ceremonies circling the globe. By working through the arts, the World Wheel addresses the local community‚Äôs personal, spiritual, social, and environmental concerns. We work toward peace by developing awareness of a world family and global community.¬†

I so look forward to be apart of a creative sacred retreat again on Tinos and partake of the sacred spring and gather the power of the earth in my hands to bring back into our lives. How many centuries the Goddess has pulled us there for healing and insight into the divine in our lives. This spirit has been kept alive century after century by our inquiry and longing. We have all left filled and returned to our lives carrying a wisdom and strength not known before.

With much love I will be with all of you who come to Lisa and Mary’s Tinos / Delos retreat.

      Vijali flower painting 2.croped   Sig Vijali            
          Vijali Hamilton
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Vijali’s World Wheel CHANNEL


P.S.: ¬†If you would like to read about my time in Greece many years ago, here is the link to my book,¬†World Wheel, One Woman’s Quest for Peace¬†on line in PDF form that can be downloaded. You can down load the Greece chapter or read it online. (Greece, Chapter 9, World Wheel spoke 5)

Vijali has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. She collaborates with diversified communities and utilizes her skills as a sculptor, filmmaker, poet, musician, and author to further this mission. Vijali started her World Wheel Project in 1986 circling the planet, now through 21 countries, as she works with the arts in her quest for world peace.