About World Wheel

vijali_portrait_smallwebVijali Hamilton is the creator of the World Wheel project. Below she describes how World Wheel started.

The motivation for the World Wheel came from an experience in the mid 70’s when my perception of ourselves and the world shifted, and the Unity of life stood revealed. The next few years were a search for a way to live within this web of life that connects all life.

Specific ideas for the World Wheel came to me in a dream. I saw myself carving sculptures out of the living rock and involving people from many cultures in a process of ritual in a giant circle around the world. The circle itself represents Unity in the sense that each spoke of the wheel has a quality that is unique and distinct from every other spoke of the wheel. And yet it is from these differences that harmony arises, from these differences that the whole is created.

Throughout the World Wheel experience, I ask each person I meet three questions:

1. What is our essence?
2. What is our sickness, our imbalance. . . personally, communally and globally?
3. What can heal this sickness, what can bring us into balance?


Their response from these questions form the ritual performance. Each earth sculpture serves as the performance space and is left as a gift and permanent installation to be used by the community, continuing to connect them to the concept of Unity of the World Wheel.


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Photo by Eric Lawton — Earth Wheel in Malibu, California
Photo by Vijali Hamiton — Four Faces of Unity in Seneca Reservation, New York