Second World Wheel
Women and Water in Senegal, Africa

In 1999 Vijali began the second World Wheel, Global Peace Through the Arts, which circles the planet. Below is a description of one of the 12 sites from the second World Wheel circle. For more information about the second World Wheel project, see the Second World Wheel page.

Senegal: Where is Clean Water -- Mixed media drawing by Vijali

Senegal: Where is Clean Water — Mixed media drawing by Vijali

Senegal, located on the sea is a region full of rivers. This is as much a gift as it is a painful legacy. It was on these tributaries that slaves were cast out to the waves, and chained for the Americas. Water is everywhere, but ironically not accessible, and of little use to the women who must walk miles to the wells or ponds to get access to potable sources.

Because of global warming, the ocean has risen and the drought in the area has shrunk the rivers, bringing in the salt water with each belch of the tides. The riverlets are now saltier than the ocean and the wells have become salty, some of the rice fields cannot bear crops, and the mangroves along the banks are dying.

In Senegal, simple solutions can answer complicated and deeply felt environmental problems. Our efforts are welcomed and much needed there. A small donation of $400 can make a huge difference by created a well. This simple action is a way to truly give to the land and the people, in a way that makes a lasting impact during this time of global environmental crisis.

Relying on the generosity of others will enable us to return to Senegal in December of 2010. We will bring potable water to Senegal by making wells in areas where the water table is not polluted and also bring method of desalination.

Senegalese mother and child with potable water
Senegalese mother and child with potable water
Senegal women collecting water
Senegal women collecting water

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Photo by Vijali Hamilton — Woman Made of the Comos in Tinos, Greece
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Artwork and photos by Vijali Hamilton