First World Wheel

This is a map of the first World Wheel circling the globe through 12 sites.


The motivation for the World Wheel came from an experience in the mid 70’s when my perception of ourselves and the world shifted, and the Unity of life stood revealed. The next few years were a search for a way to live within this web of life that connects all life.

It took me seven years to complete this first journey. I stayed at each site between one to nine months, working with local communities to experience their deepest hopes and concerns. I began my journey with nothing but a backpack and my tools, after selling my car and all my belongs. Throughout these years, hundreds of friends, colleagues and unknowns, generously supported this work.


Photo by Sacha Burger — Spirit Within Matter II in Santa Monica Mountains 
Photo by Vijali Hamiton — Woman of Space (detail) in China

Photo and Artwork by Vijali Hamilton — World Wheel Map