In 1986, Vijali traveled to 12 sites around the world creating earth sculptures and performance ceremonies with the local communities. Below is a description of one of the 12 sites from the first World Wheel circle. For more information about the first World Wheel project, see About World Wheel page.

Woman Of Space Pregnant With Sun — Leaping Into the Void
Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea, Spain

Woman of Space Pregnant with Sun
Prior to leaving the United States, I sold my car, gave away most of my possessions, abandoned any kind of home base for myself, and leapt into an unknown future. My knees were literally shaking when I got to Spain. I spoke only a little Spanish and had only one phone number to call.

Despite the initial uncertainty, I preferred to travel with an open mind and no preconceived idea as to what I should do in each country. Engaged in a process of deep listening, I would let my work take shape in response to the hopes, problems, and dreams of those whom I met along the way.

I came to a beautiful valley in the mountains around Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea. Two new friends and I settled into a crumbling stone cottage—the ruins of what had once been a thriving Moorish community. It was in this immediate vicinity that two assistants helped me demarcate a sacred site consisting of two earth wheels and carvings.

I also sculpted “Woman of Space Pregnant with Sun,” a seven-by-twelve-foot relief chiseled into granite and painted in blue and red acrylic. With arms upraised and a luminous sun in her belly, Woman of Space gazes majestically down the valley toward waterfalls and cascading rivers en route to the Mediterranean.